Welcome to our yard - Are you ready to play?

Rumble Yard is the premium video content studio hatched out of Sony Music Entertainment. Since our inception in 2015, our creative team actively seeks to discover and produce captivating original programming in video and VR for digital, TV and film platforms.

The mission? To create unapologetically irreverent music-inspired, artist-driven programming for audiences everywhere, on every screen.

With Sony Music’s unrivaled library of music and roster of leading entertainers at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Artists are rapidly branching out into new territories with their media, and we’re lucky to provide the tools and experience to take their ideas from concept to reality.

Rumble Yard is proud to call New York home, with additional offices in Nashville and Los Angeles.

  • Mark Grande

    Favorite Concert: EZOO (2011)

    Mark’s Philly roots imbued him with an appreciation for freedom and the American Dream. You can often find this sneaker aficionado kicking back and losing himself to the dulcet untz-untz-untz of EDM.

  • Wyatt Lipman

    Favorite Concert: Alabama Shakes (Austin, TX)

    An avid indoorsman, Wyatt enjoys meditation to keep calm in this frenzy city. A very short-lived “career” as a child commercial actor convinced him to remain off stage and behind the camera. A lover of blues, r&b, gospel, and soul,Wyatt’s pilgrimage down legendary Highway 61 was a religious experience.

  • Nicole Heyman

    Favorite Concert: Guns N' Roses (Not in this Lifetime Tour)

    During her spare time, Nicole can be found scheming about travel plans, viewing the latest Broadway production or roaming around Central Park while listening to endless pop punk throwback albums.

  • Lee Stimmel

    Favorite Concert: Bruce Springsteen: Storytellers

    When he’s not making magic happen at Rumble Yard, Lee is tapping his feet to Springsteen while meticulously keeping tabs on his beloved New York Rangers, or continuing his quest to eat at every Chick-Fil-A in the country. His most prized possession is his dog, Remi.